My lively interest for sound began in my childhood, when I discovered my grandfathers magnetofon which he used to record among other birds for his homemade naturefilms. At this time, I wasn't yet interested in birdsong, but i was already fascinated by the possibility of sound recordings which were there to be discovered, even if I barely had possibilities at this time.

I did everything to enlarge them in the following years. Doing so, I landed in Berlin, where I worked as a musician and explored the field of sound design for movies and theater.

Bit by bit, filmsound became my favorite domain because of the countless options to create emotions in a musical way without beeing locked in the emotional directness of music. To improve my skills, I moved to Sweden for studying filmsound at the Dramatiska institutet.

After finishing my studies in 2010 I´m now working as a freelancer with the innumerable aspects of sound, but primarily specialising in filmsound.