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Bo Avenue


Boris Laible's latest short film Bodo was a finalist of the Rode Rockumentary International Film CompetitionLink

Bo Avenue

Bo Avenue

Update of the Bo Avenue- Website : music and sound experience.Link

Dramatiska institutet

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Boris Laible qualified Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts and Media at the Dramatiska institutet Stockholm in june 2010.Link


Boris Laible - Sounddesigner

My lively interest for sound began in my childhood, when I discovered my grandfathers magnetofon which he used to record among other birds for his homemade naturefilms. At this time, I wasn't yet interested in birdsong, but i was already fascinated by the possibility of sound recordings which were there to be discovered, even if I barely had possibilities at this time.

I did everything to enlarge them in the following years. Doing so, I landed in Berlin, where I worked as a musician and explored the field of sound design for movies and theater.

Bit by bit, filmsound became my favorite domain because of the countless options to create emotions in a musical way without beeing locked in the emotional directness of music. To improve my skills, I moved to Sweden for studying filmsound at the Dramatiska institutet.

After finishing my studies in 2010 I´m now working as a freelancer with the innumerable aspects of sound, but primarily specialising in filmsound.

For more information, please download mycurriculum vitae (PDF)

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